Ben Starr!!

Ben Starr and Ashlee Snider

It is National Dessert Month!!! This month has brought many gifts!!! The biggest gift was Ben Starr! Ben Starr ( came to Abilene to speak at The Wylie Foundation Dinner. Starr is a graduate of Wylie High School and explained how his teachers helped mold the man he is today. Starr is well know for many of his appearances on a variety of TV shows, but his most recent TV spot was on FOX’s show by Gordon Ramsey, Master Chef. Starr was in the top 5!


One of his dishes he made on the show was a Pumpkin Carrot Cake, topped with cream cheese icing, and candied nuts. The Wylie Foundation called and asked for 400 cupcakes from this recipe. He generously shared his recipe with me and the cupcakes were a hit!

Ben Starr and Ashlee Snider
I had the opportunity to meet Ben Starr and he welcomed me with a big hug! He also gave full
permission to sell his cake and it is now a part of our menu! The picture above is my version of the cake! So, so, so good!
Keep an eye on this guy!! He has many great things in the works and we will see him again!