Do Not Be Afraid of Fondant!

I have so many people that say they do not like fondant because they do not like the way it tastes! I agree, most fondants do not taste good and are very hard to cut/eat. No need to fear fondant any longer! Here at Kimberstone Bakery, we MAKE our own fondant!

Why does this make a difference? It makes a major difference. If you buy fondant from a store, the fondant has an expiration date of 1 year to 3 years!!! There has to be so many preservative ingredients in the fondant to keep that long of a shelf life! These preservatives are the very thing that could be leaving that bad taste in your mouth.

We make our fondant fresh! You will taste the difference in our fondant and it will be a party in your mouth!

Be sure to look at our gallery at our cakes! There is a “Get A Quote” option to where you can send us all your ideas and even upload a picture of your invitation or a cake you have found that you like! It is sent to us and we will e-mail you back an estimate of what your creation will be BEFORE you buy!

Everyday is a celebration!
Ashlee 🙂