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Bakeries saying, “No,” to your cake idea.

I have had multiple brides tell me that every bakery they have gone to has told them 1) that they are not able to do their cake; too complicated 2) too difficult and don’t have time for it and then the bakeries try to persuade them to do a less difficult cake.

In my mind, this is your wedding.  At some point, you were looking at cakes, one caught your eye, and then you fell in love with it and you have to have it!  I understand!  The same thing happened to me when I was planning my wedding and I was crushed when bakery after bakery told me, “no.”

Before you give up on the idea of your dream cake, give me a call or shoot me an email!   I have saved many brides the heartache of loosing their dream cake!  Let’s work together!

Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!!!

This past weekend was a very special time for our country! It was the birthday of our United States Marine Corps!

In Philadelphia, during the American Revolution, the idea of a marine force to protect and serve the United States by sea and by land was born. A resolution was drafted by a committee of the Continental Congress and presented. The resolution was passed November 10, 1775!

Every year, our serving marines, retired marines, family and friends gather to celebrate this memorable occasion and to remind us of the service our brave marines give so that we may have our freedom!


Kimberstone Bakery website is live!

Hey there! Thanks for visiting Kimberstone Bakery’s official website, home to our cakes and cupcakes! We are very excited to have our website up and running. It was a long haul and we are adding more and more features and examples of our cakes. We have made several birthday, wedding, baby shower, special events and other cakes and there’s no slowing down!

We have added photos of our cakes and cupcakes to the Gallery section and will continue to add more every week.

Thanks again for visiting and stay tuned for more!

– Ashlee